Boy Trouble

Graphic Design BFA thesis, “Boy Trouble,” by Brandon Saloy. Brandon Saloy is a graphic designer living in Astoria, New York.

Senior Thesis:
Boy Trouble

needle craft, 2018, Fit


Boy Trouble, my senior thesis in graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, is comprised of three needlework pieces on deconstructed men's suit garments.


Exploring the ways traditional formal wear physically confines us and reinfornces archaic gender institutions, these pieces externalize the internal gender disphoria brought on by their stiffness and overt masculinity. Playing on the idea of traditional masculinity as a sickness, this cathartic project, utilizing craft processes normally associated with women artisans, questions the role that "masculinity-as-we-know-it" plays in the world of Me Too and a more fluid gender binary.

This project also features a hand-bound book of smaller embroidered pieces on pins and buttons and a humorous video (above) about protest crafts.


Special Thanks to Vincenzo Vella, Sandy Graff, Mia Isabella Photography, Matt Mastromatteo, RO New York, my friends & family, and Daniel George.